Give different cut to hair depending upon your hair length

May 11, 2014

Though men do not often want to go for different experiments with their hair as many woman do, today some of the stylish men are showing interest to do the same. This not a bad thing, because your hair style is an important factor which can give you the proper look and style you want. You can choose the exact hair style depending upon your hair size. Here are some examples of hair styles for different sizes of hairs.

Crew Cut for Short Hair

This style is basically so popular to the footballers around the world. Today the young generation is also trying to adopt this style of hair style. This is one of the simplest cut which has no such maintenance. Starting from a particular length of hair at the front side of the head it becomes shorter proportionately towards the top of your head. Some boys continue it up to the back side of the head. There is no need of waiting for a long time to dry your hair if you maintain this style of hair cut. You can also use gel to give the style a shiny look.

Mohawk for Medium Hair

Though maintenance of this style is so tough, this is also so popular to young generation today. In this style of hair cut you have to shave or cut very short of your hair on sides of your head, and the hair at the top of your head should kept so longer. This is actually depends how long you want the Mohawk will stand. If you want you can use highlights to the hair which are middle at your head. But to give the smarter look to this style you have to trim your side hairs on regular basis. You need to use good quality gel to hold the Mohawk perfectly in place. But if you go for this style it will give you a good result as everybody will surely look into your hairstyle.


Main factors dividing the local salon and high end salon

May 10, 2014

This is a million dollar question that how much you have to pay while entering a salon for typical haircut. Basically the right price for a particular haircut depends on how much you want to spend for that. Haircut costs anywhere taken by most of the salon owners is around $ 15 to $18. There are several types of salon who charges more for the same haircut as of from the local salons, because they give some extra facilities to their customers. 

Most of the local salons just cut your hair as per your chosen style and take the charges for that. But the standard salon hairdressers take more charges as they give you more time to design your hairs after cutting the same. They also use some other products to give the proper shape to your hairs. As they are using some special products and giving you more time to give you the perfect look, they obviously charge more than the local salon.  You can compare prices by doing a few online searches for various salons, such as searching for sport clips prices or something similar.

There are several reasons why the rate differs between local saloon and high end saloon.

Extra Service

Mainly the high end salon gives you some snacks and beverages while waiting for cutting your hair. That’s why they are charging more than the local saloon.

Expert hairdresser

Most of the high end salon owner recruits some expert hairdressers who can give you the perfect shape to your hairs. As they are well trained, they are charging more than the local salon. That’s why they are charging more than that of the local salons.

Quality Products

Basically high end salon owners use the high quality products for your hair cuts. As the price of high quality products are too much, they are charging more rates than the local salon.

Variety of hair cuts

As high end salon owners recruit some specialized hair dressers, they can provide you variety of latest styles for your choice, where a local salon owner cannot give you those types of variety as they are not so expert to do the same.

Pamper Yourself A Little With A Good Beauty Salon

May 9, 2014

Not only does a modern woman want to look beautiful, but the term beauty has been associated with womankind since the start of civilization. Though there have been changes in the terms that define beauty but the idea of looking beautiful always goes about with a woman irrespective of age or time. But today time has change and the not only the women but men today are also concerned with the beauty. Every woman today whether working or a home maker necessarily visits a beauty salon, the men are also not behind in this trend as most of them are these days inclines towards maintaining a beautiful skin and hair.  Looking good and presentable has become a priority will all the classes of the people and no matter even if they are not rich or famous, everybody is conscious about the matter of how they look. This trend has given birth to a new salon in almost every block, so before you choose your salon, you must be very sure about your choice.

Beauty equipment

Before choosing a salon you must have a detailed knowledge about the beauty equipment that will be used in the process of treating you. Ask the salon workers in details about the procedure involved in detail and confirm a service only if you are fully satisfied.

Cleanliness and services

A good hair style, or perfectly manicured hand, and pedicured feet or a beautifully glowing skin is ought to attract attention but before choosing the salon you must give an eye towards the cleanliness of the salon. A large number of people visit a salon every day, out if these customers some might suffer from infection, which might get transmitted in you if the salon is not clean enough.  A large variety of services like facial massages, make up, hair treatment are available with the salons these days and before you choose one of the services, check the quality of services provided by them.

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